Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New iPods

New iPod Nano - They went back to square(anyone remember 3rd gen?), it's now touchscreen(big surprise), lost the camera(didn't last long, moved to iPod touch however), price is reasonable(8gb: $149.00; 16gb: $179.00), lost 2 colors (farewell our beloved purple and yellow R.I.P.), and lookin' good (y).

New iPod Touch - There's now a gamecenter(eh), it's still touchscreen(duh), obtained nano's 5th gen camera(HD, w00t w00t), also obtained iPhone 4's retina display(where's da pixelz?) price is... more(8gb: $229.00; 16gb: $299.00; 64gb:$399.00), niiice($$$).

...Pretty Much The Same Exact Shuffle - 2GB, $49.00, who. cares?

(click images to purchase)