Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New iPods

New iPod Nano - They went back to square(anyone remember 3rd gen?), it's now touchscreen(big surprise), lost the camera(didn't last long, moved to iPod touch however), price is reasonable(8gb: $149.00; 16gb: $179.00), lost 2 colors (farewell our beloved purple and yellow R.I.P.), and lookin' good (y).

New iPod Touch - There's now a gamecenter(eh), it's still touchscreen(duh), obtained nano's 5th gen camera(HD, w00t w00t), also obtained iPhone 4's retina display(where's da pixelz?) price is... more(8gb: $229.00; 16gb: $299.00; 64gb:$399.00), niiice($$$).

...Pretty Much The Same Exact Shuffle - 2GB, $49.00, who. cares?

(click images to purchase)

I Am Sitting In A Video Room - Complete Mix

"An homage to the great Alvin Lucier, this piece explores the 'photocopy effect', where upon repeated copies the object begin to accumulate the idiosyncrasies of the medium doing the copying."